Gains and losses were made at NIKE in the past two weeks.

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If you are anyone who knows about sneakers, you know NIKE is the TOP of the hill, per this chart.

Let’s start off with the good part of the news: Nike’s founder and Chairman Emeritus Phil Knight, just donated close to $1B in NIKE stock to a charitable organization. I hope to know what that organization is in the near future, but for now, it shows that Phil Knight is all about being philanthropic. You should check out the book, Shoe Dog, which is his memoirs of how he started Blue Ribbon Sports, which eventually evolved into NIKE.


Now, let’s get to the sad news: Sandy Bodecker, the man who organized what we know of today as Nike SB, passed away on October 3rd. It was very interesting to see this because I JUST read an interview with him. He seemed like a very humble dude. If you like SB’s, then this is the man that is responsible for all of those wonderful collaborations and colorways. Requiescat in pace.