What happens when you mix the shoulder bag craze with classic sneakers? Peep the following and find out!

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One thing that you will know about me, if we ever meet in person, is that part of my “uniform” is a bag. It doesn’t matter if it is a tote-bag, fanny pack, shoulder bag, backpack, etc; I love a good, solid, durable bag.

Some years ago, I purchased a Manhattan Portage bag from the clearance rack at Urban Outfitters. It was nearly indestructible. I used to take that messenger bag everywhere and, when I met a dude who was going into the bike courier business, I ended up giving him the bag because he needed it more than me.

Fast forward to 2018: I run across a blog post that said sneaker company Puma and Manhattan Portage were collaborating on some products. Before I saw the pictures, I was a little apprehensive at what they would look like and if they would be dope. I can honestly say that I was impressed with what I saw:

The first sneaker, with the camo print upper, is a cool shoe because one can tell that the Puma design department was willing to go outside of their normal space to install not just a functional zipper on the show, but they also placed a strap over the shoe, a sort of nod to most of the Manhattan Portage bags that close and open with a strap lock system.

The other sneaker has the monochromatic red upper that is a clear homage to the label on the bags made by the New York based company. I also thought that it was a great touch to add the logo detailing of the New York City skyline on the built in sock, as it would be something that people would readily see on a cyclist as they were weaving in and out of traffic.


You can actually still get the camo joints online here!

You can get the red ones here!