Can this new streetwear/sneakers festival compete with other juggernauts like ComplexCon & AGENDAFest? One can only imagine.

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A few weeks ago, I was scanning the Internet, as I am prone to do, and I noticed this:

Simply amazing was my first thought. My second thought was, “How is Hypefest going to compete with ComplexCon & AGENDAFest?”

Then, I began to answer the questions in my own mind: Hypebeast (the webpage-cum-magazine) has ALWAYS gone against the grain, when it comes to this kind of marketing/promotion/etc. The very fact that, in a world where print media is becoming less and less popular, them deciding to do it anyway shows that they knows something that we may not know and that’s okay.

Hypebeast had time to view the other streetwear related festivals and learn from their mistakes and build on it. For one, Hypefest is 100% FREE to attend; however, you have to sign up to get the tickets.

Also, you are not told the exact location of the space until 2 days before the event.

Finally, though many of the brands are visible during AGENDA and ComplexCon, some of the brands will be debuting pieces that you can ONLY get at Hypefest. So so smart.

Did I mention the ENTIRE EVENT is cash-free? Very forward thinking.

Long story short, I have a ticket for the first day of Hypefest and, unfortunately, I will NOT be able to go, so I am giving my ticket away to a friend.


If you all go to Hypefest, tell us what you thought of the festival and, if you have pictures, then feel free to send them to the following:!