Flawless Tha Don

A tad of Southern funk paired with his Houston edge and lyrical control, rap artist Flawless Tha Don is back again with another record perfect for any club or hangout setting. That’s All I Know, the latest from the Houston rapper Flawless Tha Don, is another testimony to his ascension to Hip Hop glory and that the grind is really all he knows.

Originally from Wichita, KS, Flawless Tha Don mixes strong lyricism, flavor, and passion to emerge his listeners in emotion and vulnerability. Open on any beat and liable to spazz on any bar, Flawless continues to release reality-based, authentic rap music that fans are slowly embracing across the country. Another solid single from the self-proclaimed Don, That’s All I Know tells multiple stories; from portraits of the struggle to the ironies that accompany fame.

A sincere track with an encouraging message on the back end, That’s All I Know is feel good and ambitious for the Houston artist. Stay tuned for more Flawless Tha Don on his upcoming project #TGIF.


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