If you were a poor kid from the hood, you may have owned a pair of sneakers from this brand.

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I had an idea a week ago, come to me as I was browsing the world of Instagram. I ran across a profile called @obscuresneakers. On it, were some of the zaniest, strangest, and downright craziest looking sneakers I had ever seen. That sparked the flame within me to begin a series of humpday writings called “Weird Sneaker Wednesdays”, in which I will pontificate on the shoes that don’t get any shine.

The first shoe that I wanted to start with is the brand known as Pro Wings. Pro Wings was an in-store brand of the store, Payless ShoeSource, during the 1980s. It was an affordable shoe choice for parents who may not have been able to purchase other sneaker brands, such as Nike, Reebok, adidas, etc.

Of course, as time progressed, the brand began to lose popularity and was eventually phased out of production by the mid – late 1990’s. I managed to find a pair (in my size) online at the following link and, since the “dad-shoe” wave is still on a high, I think I may buy them, for nostalgic purposes, of course: Pro Wing Sneakers On EBAY.


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