Lavish 28,CEO of the Hustla Vision 28 label who produced Yung Al and Dee Moe Trill, is introducing Houston to new swagger step. He calls it the “Dumb Walk.” You know how Houston is kind of becoming a hype beast city. Here’s you’re chance to step with a swiggle, before it becomes hype beast. Don’t be dumb and not “Dumb Walk.”

Out of Houston’s Missouri City area, there’s a group of distinctive guys that go by Hustla Vision 28, and individually, each one of them is coming into the light of their own.

It started with Dee Moe Trill, who consistently held the Hustla Vision name strong by dropping a countless amount of hits. His presence alone kept them relevant all throughout the city of Houston. Then Yung Al dropped a banger! His “Jungle Freestyle” is legendary already and it’s only in it’s the third year. A Boogie who?

Now it’s time for the Lavish man. The man with the swiggle. The man with the vision, the man who predestine this whole Hustla Vision 28 movement; Lavish 28, CEO Mr. Swiggle. It’s his turn, and he’s going to have the city going dumb! Literally, with his new single “Dumb Walk.”

You know how when Black people see other Black people run, we seem to follow suit and take off running because we, Black people, know it’s in our best interest? Well, this is one of those instances. When you see the city of Houston “Dumb Walking,” because you will, follow suit and begin to walk dumb. Find your swiggle and being to wiggle with it a little bit. The song will tell you what to do. As soon as the dripstastic beat produced Iceman Chamberlain of The Sauce Factory, drops, Lavish say: “Dumb walk, hands up, dumb walk, hands up, dumb walk,” he continues, “My swiggle, too swift, I drip 100 miles.” That alone will tell you, put your hands up and go 100 miles.

I know you’re confused reading this right now because you have no idea what the hell a swiggle is. Well if you’re a Houstonian, I’m pretty sure you’ve already jammed his labelmate Yung Al. And if you paid attention to Al’s project, The Yung Show, track No.14 “Laaaaaawd,” he tells you verbatim, at the 50-second mark, “You have to pay for the swiggle it ain’t free and Lavish told me get’em, I seen the vision. Why do you think I scream VMB?”

What he means is, whatever Lavish is selling, you better buy or you dumb, and I don’t say that in a good way. “Dumb Walk” is one of the singles that will appear on Lavish’s up and coming to project Swiggle Talk. So if you want to know more about the swiggle, wait for it, but pay for it because it’s worth it. In the meantime go head and jam “Dumb Walk.” Learn how to find your swiggle until the video drops. Enjoy below.