All that glitters is not gold, but these kicks are DEFINITELY worth their weight.

This is D3 The Concrete, bringing you fashion from the street.

While scanning the internet for the latest and greatest, I saw a pair of Nike SB’s that threw me for a loop: the Nike SB x Humidity “Trumpet” Dunk Hi (pictured above). Upon doing the research, I found that Humidity is not only the oldest skate shop in New Orleans, but this shoe also commemorates the tri-centennial anniversary of the City of New Orleans. When I saw this shoe, it took me back to the time when Nike SB was releasing innovative, thorough concepts like the “Pigeon Dunk”, the “What The Dunk”, the “FLOMs” and even the “Gibson Guitar Case Dunks” were all shoes that took a concept or an object and made it come to life in a piece of athletic/lifestyle footwear.

Gold shoes are a way to draw attention to your feet very quickly, so here are 4 other pairs that you can use to be the most blinging person at the party!

Vans Slip On Sneakers

You can’t get anymore simpler than this shoe. The Vans Slip On is for those who value comfort and time-management; however, with its gold sheen, you still want to be the one that is revered for their flamboyant spirit.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars

This shoe is THE classic sneaker. This shoe, over time, has become a staple in the closets of many a streetwear connoisseur due to its versatility alone. You can dress it up, you can dress it down, you can wear it to the club, you can wear it to church, and everywhere else in between. All of that with a gold paint job and you have yourself a shoe that will be remembered forever.

Opening Ceremony “La Cienega” Low Top Shoes

This shoe is for the ladies!

Opening Ceremony is a brand that has presented itself as a force in both streetwear and high end fashion. I like them because they make bold choices with colors and prints, not to mention their collaborations are above and beyond the norm.

These shoes are no different. From the branded embossing on the outsole, to the animal-style patterning in the shoes’ color itself, this shoe will make you the envy of all of your frienemies.

Dave White x Nike Air Jordan OG 1 Hi Retro

This shoe is the one that will make you the king of all the golden shoe aficionados. No longer available on the market, you will have to hunt these down for a pretty penny (or Golden Lady Liberty dollar?). My all-time favorite model of Jordans is the 1, so if I had $800 to spend on these, then I would have these in my collection, but alas…

Are there any gold shoes that we left off of the list?

If so, please include them in the comments below and tell us why they matter to you!