LeeLonn prefaces his ‘Lush, Vol. 1’ project with “Tenechia,” a smooth unrequited love song.

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away – the year 1990, to be exact – a movie called ‘Ghost’ made pottery seem like a very romantic experience.

Fast forward 28 years later, and LeeLonn Walker has decided to make shaping clay with your boo great again.

The Houston crooner – who, save a few live appearances at Houston shows and a cameo in My’Key Iso’s “Blessings” video, has been mostly below the radar in 2018 – took to social media on Wednesday evening to reveal a brand new track, “Tenechia.” And not only that, but LeeLonn dropped off a set of accompanying visuals for the new single, as well.

As its title implies, “Tenechia” falls in step with the ’90s-era R&B records like “Aisha” where a male singer would name a song after a titular girl he was pursuing. In LeeLonn’s case, not one but two girls (a second, “Angelica,” pops up in the second verse) have caught the singer’s attention, but Tenechia is the one he wants the most. He calls her “beautiful” beyond her physical appearance and makes a proposal to her – “let’s get away/ where no-body can reach us,” he coaxes – but he can’t be sure about her. He expresses this towards “Tenechia’s” end on the bridge, calling out the mixed signals she gives… and also by way of the extrapolation of Mario’s “Just A Friend 2002” on the track’s hook.

If “Tenechia” as a song didn’t do enough justice depicting LeeLonn as a longing lover, then its video does that with ease. The KENDR.CK-directed clip – shot mostly at Ellen Cline Ceramics in Houston – starts out by showing LeeLonn at work “creating” the beat for the song. It then moves on to the singer helping two different women craft their pottery pieces, his fingers upon theirs in an intimate embrace. Only “Tenechia” gets the invite to LeeLonn’s apartment, though, and the two enjoy each other’s company by dancing. But by the end of the video, it’s still LeeLonn all by his lonesome, left to ponder the girl’s real feelings.

Watch the visuals for LeeLonn’s “Tenechia” music video for yourself up top, and grab the single now off iTunes. “Tenechia” is slated to appear on LeeLonn’s ‘Lush, Vol. 1’ project, coming later this year.