Jed The Fameless adds soul to his arsenal on his latest EP, The Summer Isn’t Over.

Summer is slowly slipping away, but it’s not quite done yet. Especially not in Houston.

Any Houstonian will tell you that “summer” doesn’t really go away in the city until about October. And Houston rapper Jed The Fameless wants everyone to know that ‘The Summer Isn’t Over.’ No, literally, that’s the name of his latest project.

The ‘The Summer Isn’t Over,’ much like Jed’s June release ‘in Case You Forgot,’ is an EP. But where ‘in Case’ clocked in at five tracks deep, ‘The Summer Isn’t Over’ is much shorter. It’s eight minutes of new music packed into three tracks, each of which showcase Jed experimenting with and stretching his sound.

On EP opener “Always,” Jed lets his flow go crazy over an EDM-esque beat with a steady tapping snare. Middle track “Durant” rides on a soul sample courtesy of frequently collaborator Larsa (who also features on the record), with Son Soda dropping off a solid feature verse and Jed’s spiteful chant of “I don’t trust none of you n*ggas/ I don’t trust none of you hoes!” on the hook being too catchy to ignore.

But the highlight of ‘The Summer Isn’t Over’ may be its outro cut, “Summer Baby.” That’s where producer Goa Da Big summons the ghost of Billie Holiday, chopping up the performance version of her “You Go to My Head” song and letting her vocals and the horns hold court in the background while Jed drops bars. There’s something amazing about hearing the rapper crow “I’m out for dead presidents!” over a loop of Billie’s voice. It’s a contemporary artist employing the timeless sound of another artist, as he chases timeless status himself.

Take a listen to Jed The Fameless’s ‘The Summer Isn’t Over’ EP for yourself down below. Jed has plans to release one additional project, entitled ‘Moonchild,’ later this year.