A “Westheimer Superstar” gets animated in the visuals for EDF’s “Burbs” single, produced by Platinum Hands.

EDF loves Houston.

The self-anointed “Original Playa” of an emcee does call the H home, true. But there’s something to be said about how EDF never misses out on a chance to represent where he’s from. The fact that his next project – and follow up to his 2017 LP ‘Original Playa’ – is named ‘Westheimer Superstar,’ is further proof of that.

Lead single “Gas (Remix)” had already put ‘Westheimer Superstar’ on people’s radars, and EDF kept the momentum going with a second single, “Burbs.” The Platinum Hands-produced record plays like a chopped and screwed lullaby of sorts, with EDF name-dropping city mainstays like 288 and Pearland and bragging on his lavish style, from Balenciaga kicks to his car’s Gucci rims and dollar-sign odometer.

Now, EDF has given “Burbs” a set of visuals to match. And in a creative twist, it’s actually an animated music video.

Artist Sara “Ellvonie” Joni depicts the Every Day Fresh rapper as a cartoon in the “Burbs” music video, cruising down a road solo in a tricked out car. The details are what make the video especially cool, like the car’s tinted windows, a replica of the Galleria-area “Westheimer” fixture posted up in the sky in the background, for example, and a license plate that reads – you guessed it – “EDF.”

Watch the video for EDF’s “Burbs” single up top. The rapper’s ‘Westheimer Superstar’ album is due out later this year, but you grab “Burbs” off iTunes now.