The Houston producer drops off a late-summer jam on “The Breakdown,” his first solo work since 2014’s ‘Ventage,’ with Charity E. Vaughn on the beat.

When George Young isn’t being the epitome of a Houston sports analyst on Twitter, he can be found behind the boards of some of the city’s better known emcees’s better songs. But Young is an artist in addition to being a producer, too. Despite George’s last solo release, ‘Ventage,’ dropping just before Labor Day Weekend in August 2014, any fan of his will tell you tracks like “How Sweet It Is” and “Phat Beach” still hold weight. He’s also logged strong features alongside the likes of Noah Nova, Jay-Von, and Hi 5ive recently.

But ‘Ventage’ is overdue for a proper follow-up, and George Young must have felt the same. While most were out turning up or just getting in on Friday night, Young dropped off a brand-new single, “The Breakdown.”

Houston’s best-kept secret Charity E. Vaughn co-produced “The Breakdown” with Young, lacing the track with a bouncy soul instrumental. You can feel the sun in the sky and the breeze in the air on the beat, and Young encourages the girls to wild out on the song’s hook. “Break it down, turn around, and back it up/ Then throw it at me til I feel like that’s enough,” the emcee-producer coaxes.

“The Breakdown” thrives on the cleverness of its lyrics. It enables George Young to spit game to a cutie, having peeped the games she plays on social media and understanding that the summer is the best time to “shoot your shot.” He peppers the record with references aplenty, from the movie Get Out to the belated Marvin Zindler. And while many will appreciate the Katt Williams soundbite, Young’s finest achievement on “The Breakdown”? Him putting his own spin on a certain Kanye line by way of Lisa Raye and Issa Rae.

Take a listen to George Young’s “The Breakdown,” co-produced by Charity E. Vaughn, for yourself down below. And if you like what you hear, you can grab the single off his Bandcamp page here.