Poncho P of Houston indie music group YATU proves himself worthy of #ThePulse with his new EP, The Disco: Session One.

“You done got me fucked up – you done set me up to fail/ How am I supposed to be see the sky, when you pollute the air?”

The YATU Collective is going to be heard in 2018.

Indie artists though they may be, the Houston-based music group has been extremely aggressive this year in getting their music to the masses. YATU started the year by rolling out ‘Carousel,’ Langston Hunter’s impressive, eclectic assembly of tracks in the form of an EP. And at the start of August, they continued their campaign with another EP, ‘The Disco: Session One,’ this time from YATU roster artist Poncho P.

To his credit, Poncho P used social media to draw up hype for the ‘The Disco.’ On his Twitter alone, in the days leading up to ‘The Disco’s’ release, Poncho P dropped short random clips of himself, with snippets of some of the EP’s music playing in the background.

Though it’s entitled ‘The Disco,’ virtually none of the five tracks on Poncho P’s EP actually sound like “disco” records. The psychedelic feel of intro track “Dancin’ In My Head” comes close, and “Quit Playing” would be closer if it wasn’t so obviously inspired by ’80’s pop rock. But that’s because the “disco” is one of Poncho P’s own creation. He’s the DJ, and there’s a disco ball over the dance floor, but the sounds being played are sounds of HIS choosing. “Proppy,” one of the EP’s standout tracks, has the YATU collective joining Poncho P for a posse cut, complete with shoutouts to their respective neighborhoods. And the last song, “Simple Thing,” has the artist becoming Poncho Gambino, in a sense, relying on drums, guitars, and the artist’s singing voice similar to the way Childish Gambino utilized them on “Redbone.”

‘The Disco: Session One’ may be low on the “disco,” but its title suggests that there is more to come from Poncho P. The EP is an introduction – a way to get Poncho P’s distinct sound in Houstonians’ ears so that they aren’t so surprised when the next wave comes. And ‘The Disco’ is a nice surprise because, as an independent artist, Poncho P isn’t following anyone else’s lead. He’s trusting his sound, his relatable lyrics, and his musicality to win over listeners. We believe Poncho P has #ThePulse because his sound is refreshing, and because he’s done his part, too, in making the YATU group one to watch for.

Take a listen to Poncho P’s ‘The Disco: Session One’ for yourself down below and grab it now off iTunes.