Travis Scott’s lauded ‘AstroWorld’ LP gets purpled up by way of Houston DJ DJ AudiTory.

DJ AudiTory has acquired a reputation of sorts for his “Chop Theory” series, in which the Houston DJ chops and screws some of the more popular albums in a given year. Tory’s chops put a fresh spin on records that already existed well on their own, giving them a new life and sometimes recreating them entirely.

We’ve featured Tory’s “Chop Theory” mixtapes countless times on Day & A Dream, but something feels different about DJ AudiTory chopping and screwing ‘AstroWorld,’ Travis Scott’s third studio album that released last week.  Perhaps it’s because it’s the hometown DJ curating the hometown hero’s project.

‘AstroWorld’ already had extremely high replay value on its own. So what does Tory add exactly that the original didn’t have? A purple drip that completely changes how the album itself is experienced.

“Stop Trying to Be God,” already one of the album’s standout cuts on its own, has its horns amplified by Tory’s slowing things down. The sinister, Three 6 Mafia inspired hook on “No Bystanders” goes from being an aggressive chant on the original version, to the ominous cries of a choir in Tory’s hands. And while fan favorites “Sicko Mode” and “5% Tint” certainly sound better purpled up, AudiTory’s purple take on “Coffee Bean” makes the last song sound even more like the summer; and chopped and screwed “Houstonfornication” should all but come with its own double cup.

Everything sounds better when it’s Chopped and Screwed, and DJ AudiTory’s version of ‘AstroWorld’ is the most recent evidence of how true that is. Take a listen to DJ AudiTory x Travis Scott’s ‘Astroworld [Chopped & Screwed]’ for yourself down below; and if you like what you hear, be sure to buy it off the DJ’s Bandcamp page here.