Lesson Learned: If you use bots, there’s always a risk.

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On yesterday, as I was perusing the Internet, looking for inspiration to write, I noticed the following article on HYPEBEAST.

This is a win for us humans: a clearly evident showing that the brands truly care about their product being equally disbursed among the masses.

KITH, one of the top streetwear brands and sneaker retailers in the country, is making their position known about how they feel, as it relates to the bot epidemic.

For those that have been under a rock, a bot is a piece of software that is used to “automate the online checkout process“. It is a way for you to be able to smoothly go through the process, without getting caught in the “sold out” line. People usually purchase bots, so that they can guarantee a pair of their shoes, clothes, or any other drop that releases online.

Many companies have found their own way to prevent bots from being used on their online retail sites: Nike’s SNKRS, adidas with the Confirmed app, even Foot Locker has the “Launch Reservation” app. Many mom & pop retailers have done raffles, limited the number of purchased pairs, and even forced strongly suggested that they wear the shoes out of the store, so as to not be in deadstock condition.

All that being said, I wished that bots did NOT exist. I wished that people could have a legit chance on buying whatever shoes that are released; however, this may not be likely.

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