So Carmelo Anthony is coming to the Rockets. Yay! Right?

Not gonna lie – I love the Houston Rockets because they represent Houston…but that’s about as deep as my knowledge of them goes besides which games we win, James Harden consistently choking the in the playoffs, and what the jerseys look like. So when I heard Carmelo Anthony would be joining us next season, my first thought was more about LaLa being in Houston more often (if they stay together) than what that means for the team. I asked around to some of my more basketball savvy friends, and apparently our impending success with him as an addition to the team depends strongly upon which Melo we will get, based on his recent experiences in the NBA.

Here’s what I mean by that:
Melo will be reunited with Chris Paul in Houston, which is a good thing. Buddies usually make for good bball (apparently). Plus, Melo was apparently traded by the Oklahoma City Thunder and waived by the Atlanta Hawks – a humbling experience for a player who has historically thought more highly of himself than his skills showed. So dude has something to prove. This makes Houston sound super washed and like a place no one wanted to come so we got a subpar player – but that’s not completely true. Signing Chris Paul and Clint Capela again was a high priority (they got a ton of money) and limited our ability to sign free agents. We get what we get and we don’t throw a fit. *Kanye shrug*

Hopefully, he will adapt to a team where he’s not the biggest star once he realizes he’s not, and will take a piece of humble pie so as not to ruin both his career and dash our hopes even further of getting a ring. I won’t be betting any real money on us, even if the Rockets are predicted by sports betting news sites to take home a ring this year, but I will be watching this year because I finally kinda sorta understand what I’m looking at, and because having to research basketball a bit has made it lowkey interesting. But trust, my loyalty remains with LaLa.