The breakout YouTube series Hermione Granger and The Quarter-Life Crisis embarks on a strong second season.

Fanhood tends to break out the most creative energies. That’s why so many TV series and movie franchises become multi-million dollar brands and some even spawn “fan fiction” type pieces.

For Eliyannah Amirah Yisrael, fan fiction alone wasn’t enough to satisfy her love for JK Rowling’s beloved Harry Potter series. But Yisrael also noticed that the series’ final book, Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows, didn’t quite do justice for the trio’s brightest star: Hermione Granger.

So, under her Sunshine Moxie imprint and partnering up with her sister Naamee and producers Megan Grogan, Marigrace Angelo, and Alice Pierce, Yisrael launched a YouTube series entitled ‘Hermione Granger and The Quarter-Life Crisis.’ It was a fresh take on Hermione that not only made Rowling’s character a black woman (something Rowling herself has actually admitted she intended), but also gave new personality and made for hilariously awkward moments between Potter universe characters both old and created. The series’ first season introduced Hermione’s family, including her father Herman and cousin, LaQuita; her friend Parvati Patil and roommate Juniper Dias; and re-introduced Ron Weasley and Draco Malfoy as love interests, while also presenting a new guy in Benjamin van den Berghe.

The first season of ‘HGQLC’ quickly gathered a following, largely due to its smartly-written script and star Ashley Romans truly making Hermione a witch with millennial problems… or a millennial with witch problems. It caused the brand to be recognized at the San Diego ComicCon and as a part of PBS’s ‘The Great American Read’ documentary series.

By Season 1’s finale, Hermione had given up juggling everything and chose instead to Apparate to her father’s front door. Now, ‘Hermione Granger and the Quarter-Life Crisis’ is back, picking up seven months after Season One left off. And while it’s bittersweet that the second season of the series will also be its last, the first two episodes of Season 2 alone show that Yisrael and company are stepping it up in every way.

In Episode 1, viewers discover that Hermione has her own place now in Los Angeles and that past seven months have made for a nice adjustment period… that is, until the past comes creeping into her present again. Despite her burgeoning “talking phase” with Benjamin, Draco and Ron both manage to pop up in her life. And while Benjamin does his best to cheer Hermione up, the mood gets soured again when the two learn that Hermione’s friend and Quidditch star Kang Tae Joon ends up in a professional quandary.

In Episode 2, however, Hermione gets into bed with the past she’s been running from, literally, and that just takes the hilarious awkwardness to another level. Hermione’s complicated love life is definitely going to be a huge storyline going forward. But Episode 2 also reveals a few of the series’ upcoming subplots, as well, including Kang Tae Joon’s adjustment to possible life after sports, “Dez” Diamond’s foray into politics and growing relationship with Hermione’s cousin LaQuita, and Hermione and her father’s ever-strained relationship.

Along the way, Yisrael and her team continue to play on the strengths that made Season 1 great, like the barbed exchanges between Hermione and the deadpan Juniper, Romans’ lovely but loaded look of guilt, and the charisma of Dez and Kang Tae Joon. But two episodes in, they also appear to have also stepped up the production value in Season 2 by packing it with more charm and more nods to what made the Potter universe great, like special effects to go along with the magic and color commentary via radio of a Quidditch match. It sets an amazing tone for what will hopefully be a long and fruitful farewell season.

Watch the first two episodes of ‘Hermione & The Quarter-Life Crisis’s” second season for yourself down below. New episodes are slated to drop once monthly going forward