Rising Acres Home artist BVal from the Still Dreaming team is one of the millennial transitional artist we should pay attention to and we see why in his new visual “RAH RAH.”

In the video directed by Barf Films, BVal immediately set the tone of different and super creative. The effects on the visual are crazy. It begins with BVal watching an old school tv out of the trunk of the car, while in a junk yard. Then the screen is taken over by cars. Meaning cars were on the ground, and some how Barf flipped a few cars upside down and had them floating in air. They’re a ton of cool effects in BVal’s “RAH RAH” video and it’s perfect because “RAH RAH” is a very cool song.

As soon as the song comes on, SpongeBob is taking your attention, then Izak did a great job infusing heavy bass with some type of harps or xylophone instrumental to create a beautiful sound of trap tranquility.

And BVal’s delivery on “RAH RAH” perfectly fit the beat. Man this Acres Home emcee has an amazing flow. A flow that Houston isn’t just used to yet, but it sounds great and will eventually gravitate towards the world. BVal is the type of artist who can say whatever he wants on the track because he mastered many deliveries.

His flow is multidimensional and you’ll have to hear it to believe it. Check out the video for “RAH RAH” above and tell us what you think.