Mélat shines bright in the music video for her seductive “The Now” single.

Mélat loves to sing about love.

You’d think that would make her a one-trick pony, but the Austin songbird finds new and more creative ways to express the emotion with every passing project. That’s partially because Mélat knows how to find a groove with her producers. It’s why she and Jansport J joined forces years ago on the ‘Move Me’ EP, and why they’ve remained a pair to be reckoned with whenever their powers combine.

Back in February, Mélat and Jansport J dropped ‘Move Me II: The Present,’ the sequel to ‘Move Me’ in an album form. The music was light in some areas, bouncy in others, but catchy throughout, Mélat’s airy vocals providing the perfect soundtrack for matters of the heart. “The Now” was one of ‘Move Me II’s’ standout cuts, its message of remembering to put the present first hidden beneath the singer’s dalliances with a lover.

Despite its emphasis on time, “The Now” is a song of seduction. Jansport J’s flourishes and strings are meant to bring out the teases and coaxes and pleas in Mélat’s voice. “Baby, that message can wait,” the singer insists, in a nod to our often media-distracted culture. “I’ll show you how, I’ll show you how.”

And yet “The Now’s” visuals stand in stark contrast to the song’s content.

The David Medina-directed video – which released last week – depicts Mélat alone in a field of flowers, save for a vinyl record player and a white rocking chair. Because Mélat always represents, Texas’s state flower, the bluebonnet, can be spotted amongst the yellow flowers, and the singer’s lovely visage is framed perfectly by her hair. Maybe that’s what “The Now” is really about, though. Not the anticipation, but the need to savor and enjoy what’s already in front of you. The singer says so herself before the song even starts: “You trick yourself into thinking you’re a product of your past and a slave to your future… but anytime you’ve ever celebrated… or ever loved, has been in The Now.”

Watch the video for Mélat’s “The Now” single, produced by Jansport J, for yourself up top. Mélat and Jansport J’s ‘Move Me II: The Present’ LP is out now on iTunes.