KenTheMan makes the line between confident and cocky even thinner on her “I Don’t Luv Em Freestyle.”

“You hoes lookin’ weak – you ain’t eating enough?/ B*tch, you just mad you ain’t eatin’ with us!”

KenTheMan has spent 2018 doing her self-anointed “The Punchline King” title justice and then some.

The Houston rapper has wrecked shop on the likes of The Migos’ “Walk It Talk It” and Cardi B’s “Be Careful,” and even on her own original records like “You Ain’t Special.” She can be vulnerable and brutally honest on one freestyle; then become a pure savage on her next release. If there’s a box KenTheMan is going to be put in, it’ll be one that she builds herself and not one that others have created for her. It’s all building towards the release of Ken’s upcoming “What A Beautiful F*ckin’ Day” tape.

“I Don’t Luv Em Freestyle” is KenTheMan’s latest drop, a barrage of bars over the beat from Atlanta emcee Hoodrich Pablo Juan’s breakout record, “We Don’t Love Em.” The freestyle shows off how versatile Ken’s flow is, as she starts out rapping fast and gradually slows down, before eventually imitating Hoodrich Pablo’s own rhyme-scheme at the very end. But it’s also KenTheMan cockily in her bag. Where once before she crowed she didn’t “need no f*ckin’ cosign to get out the city,” now she can laugh at anyone who’d deny it. You can hear the smirk on her face when she raps “Hoes can’t see me, they’re damn near blind!” She even compares herself to King Tut and demands a celebration packed full of big butts.

Amidst all the shit talk, one line in particular stands out: “They be like, ‘Ken’/ I be like ‘What?’/ ‘How can you make all them moves in the cut?'” It reveals how calculated the rapper really is, and that she’s plotting. A month ago, I shared my belief that KenTheMan was counting down to something big. And what’s “I Don’t Luv Em’s” artwork? The number 4.

Hear KenTheMan’s “I Don’t Luv Em Freestyle” for yourself down below. The Houston emcee’s ‘What A Beautiful F*ckin’ Day” mixtape is coming soon.