mulch munday tim woods

No more sleeping in on Mondays. Tim Woods’ ongoing project, #MulchMundays, calls for us to wake up and smell the realness.

It’s Tuesday, so that means it’s the day after Monday. Obvious, yes, but what might be less obvious is the fact that local rapper/poet/wordsmith Tim Woods has been releasing some of his best work every Monday for quite some time now, and it’s not getting nearly enough buzz. I take part of the blame for this, having seriously slacked on posting because life been lifin,’ but I’m back because you NEED TAH KNOW about this project and how well Woods and friends have been producing it for our visual and auditory pleasure.

A new episode of #MulchMonday comes out consistently every Monday, touching on subjects like politics, social justice, and whatever else grows from the soil of the flower child’s mind. He’s coming from a place of realness, as we could only expect of Tim Woods, and making even the harshest of truths sound melodic and beautiful with his raps and poetic prose. He said of his project,

“To me, Mulch Munday represents growth in its most organic form in a world where everything is GMO, from the food we eat to the information we digest. This is just something special to me because for the first time I’m not trusting someone else with my vision. Some of it isn’t as glamorous and as polished as my older stuff, but when you think about a garden, it all started off as a bunch of dirt. The same can be said about people’s visions for themselves. Nobody knows if that land will produce weeds, watermelons, or roses. It’s up to you to nurture it and watch it grow.”

Sheesh…even his description is beautiful…

It’s been hard to wait a week for each new episode, but luckily for you, you can binge listen to the season one mixtape of #MulchMundays on SoundCloud. If you want to watch the visuals (you do) head to Tim’s Instagram, @therealtimwoods.