Houston’s DJ Green Villain will bring music, art, and culture (and wine) together for a half-kickback, half-creative display at “From The Underground, With Love” event.

DJ Green Villain does what he does for the creativity of it.

Last April, the Houston-based DJ governmentally known as Terry Bembry introduced himself to the city at large with “89 MILES,” a music and art mixer that brought together people in a very chill environment for quality sounds, an open bar, and a chance to take in the city’s independent art scene.

Now, over a year later, DJ Green Villain has assembled another event, hoping to shed light on Houston’s slept-on independent creatives. “89 MILES,” for the time being, is no more. Instead, the Villain has a new concept: “From The Underground, With Love.”

Why the change in the name?

“The name is inspired by Dom Kennedy’s mixtape,” DJ Green Villain explained. “You know, ‘From The Westside With Love.’ But, the underground is everything I’m about. I feel like that’s where most of the creativity comes from.

“Content that’s too commercial isn’t often creative, which is why damn near every commercial sounds or looks the same. But as far as The Underground goes, underground artists can be who they want and sound how they want.”

While the name and location may have changed, the premise is still the same: introducing locals and visitors to local artists with good music playing setting the vibe. DJ Green Villain is providing the tunes, with additional help from DJ Square. Oh, AND there’s an open wine bar. Did I mention it’s only $10 to get in? With all these elements working for it, “From The Underground, With Love” seems like the ideal way to enjoy your weekend.

DJ Green Villain’s “From The Underground, With Love” event goes down this Saturday, June 23rd, at 3420 Rusk St., 77003, from 1 to 5 PM. Tickets can be purchased at the door or in advance here.