Say No More

On this past Friday night we traveled to Danny Bandz private listening party at Studio 713 near UH Downtown.  As we entered the studio the buzz of various conversations and greetings amongst new entrants to the room.  We were invited to partake in the mini-buffet of hot wings, boudin, quesadillas and more.  The studio room itself was packed out with homies, local industry elite and additional media.  The cloudy haze lifted the environment.

Danny settles the captive audience and thanks us all for coming out and encourages us to sip and eat good.  Now the listening has begun and we are introduced to his “Say No More” EP.  Mr. Bandz has owned the current sound  of the most current sound mixing his tailored version of hustle, triumph and trap.  Very melodic, auto-tuned hooks bellow out of the studio monitors as those involved with the project sing and rap along. The rest nod in complete assurance of the validity of each tune, which they designate their own choices of what are hits.

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We asked Danny Bandz a few questions:

Where were you born and raised?

DB:  Southwest Houston, Texas

How has your environment affected your sound?

DB:  My environment definitely has affected my music, I talk about real life sh*t in my music, whether it’s money, women, trap sh*t, people switching sides on me, doubting me.  These are things that i have lived through & experienced throughout my life. 

What would you like your listeners to get from your music?

DB:  I talk about things that are relatable to all sorts of people so I want the listeners to feel that raw emotion, to feel where I’m coming from, to feel the emotion in my music.

What’s next for Danny Bandz?

DB:  A lot, I’m going to LA to finish my EP. I also have a few meetings set up. So all i can say is, keep your eyes open.