Shining a spotlight on one of the great visual artists in the streetwear world: Kevin Lyons.

This is D3 The Concrete, bringing you fashion from the street.

I wanted to start this off by saying thank you to everyone who have been reading my passionate articles. You make this entire experience worth it.

Now, on to the subject: Kevin Lyons. I can’t remember exactly when I began to follow him and his work. I want to say it was around maybe 3 – 4 years ago. The “Jolly Rancher” campaign had to be the one that got me started.

I dig his artwork because it is always fun, colorful, and downright hilarious. The characters, with their varied expressions and campy phrases, bring joy and laughter at all times.

While out in Long Beach, CA with the wife, we managed to find one of his pieces a few blocks away from the apartment where we were staying. Needless to say, I had to get a picture with it.

Recently, Kevin Lyons has had a few outstanding collaborations that I wanted to share and, hopefully inspire you to look out for his art in other places:




The Uniqlo collaboration is coming to the US on June 25th. //


For more information on this and other collaborations/artshows and the like, follow Kevin on social media:

Instagram: @klyonsnatborn

Twitter: @natbornklyons