Jay-Von’s “Summertime Freestyle” is a treasure trove of pop culture references.

“Fresh like Doug E., Slick like Rick/ Jazzy like Jeff, I’m Fresh like The Prince…”

Summertime has officially hit in Houston, Texas. The sun is starting to get disrespectful, but the good news is, the summer is bringing with it lots of good music… and a few classics as well.

“Summertime,” Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff’s timeless record, is a must-play at every Black cookout. It’s also the latest song that Jay-Von decides to tackle for his current Freestyle Friday campaign. He sticks to his current track record of tackling East Coast records, but this time, drops something more fitting for the season.

“This that top-down music,” Jay-Von announces, before letting Relli and George Young breathe new life into DJ Jazzy Jeff’s unforgettable instrumental as DJ MoSama holds watch. The “Summertime Freestyle” emphasizes the Picture My Vision emcee’s wordplay when he’s truly locked in. The hook alone, for example, has Vonzilla name-dropping hip-hop legends like he’s chainlinking a combo in Tekken, even citing Will and Jazz and insisting, “Just like Markie, I’m all about Biz.” He dedicates his third verse to “real wrestling n*ggas” and mentions Golddust and The Rock & Sock Connection.

There’s technique, too, in addition to the cleverness. Jay-Von brags that he can “f*ck up a track… and call it malpractice,” but you have to appreciate the rapper’s attention to delivery. Like the solid alliteration when he uses first “Metamorphosis” and then “metaphors” one line later.

Take a listen to Jay-Von’s “Summertime (Freestyle)” for yourself down below.