Learn how a gaming console company became one of the great collaborators with the powerhouse of sneakers.

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Nintendo. Sega. Neo-Geo (I’m telling my age with that one! Haha!).

These three gaming systems are all legendary for their own reasons, but one system that came out in 1995 stood out among all the rest: the Sony Playstation. Stats like being the first affordable system that had CD-ROM games as opposed to cartridges, along with being the first system to ship 100 million units, poised Sony to be the perfect company to have a long lasting relationship with the sneaker juggernaut that is Nike.

The shoe above released at the E3 Convention on yesterday and if you were lucky enough to be there, then you got a pair.

Below are 6 shoes that have been released by Nike to celebrate the continued relationship between the two brands. Tell us below which one you like in the comments!

NIKE Air Force 1 x Playstation “Leather” SAMPLE (Year Released: n/a)

On June 6th, Nike released some archival photos of a shoe that looks very similar to a previously released shoe (mentioned below). Notice the difference? The ones above have traditional leather. The ones below? Patent leather.


NIKE Air Force 1 x Playstation “Patent Leather” (Year Released: 2006)

I remember the Air Forces wave of the early 2000s. Nelly dropped this track. Then, in mid-late 2000s, Nike took full advantage of the wave that the St. Lunatics created and made a gang of colorways and customized versions of the “Uptowns”. The version above is one that was not only very limited in the market, but also Nike knew that they had a legendary shoe on their hands. If you don’t believe me, check out the prices on StockX.


NIKE Air Max 360/90 x Playstation (Year Released: 2006)

This shoe is probably one of the rarest of the rare: only 24 pairs of this shoe exist. This shoe is also one of the first hybrid Nike shoes in existence, but it makes sense in a collaboration with two forward thinking, creative brands such as these. While I would not personally wear this shoe, I wouldn’t mind just having a pair of these shoes in my personal vaulted collection on permanent ice.



NIKE Air Max 97 x Playstation “Playstation 2” (Year Released: 2008)

Last year was the year of the Nike AM97 (Silver Bullet, Gold Bullet, Undefeated Pack, etc.). Before I wrote this article, I did not know that this shoe even existed. Patent leather seems to be one of the common threads of the Playstation x Nike collaborations, along with a hint of iridescence. There is a subtle color detail, reminiscent of the four colored buttons on the controller of the Playstation console.

NIKE Blazer High Premium x Playstation  (Year Released: 2008)

This shoe is one of my favorite Nike silhouettes. The Blazer is a shoe that you can dress down or up. Plus, with the noted iridescence, it is guaranteed to draw the attention of all onlookers. Fun fact: you can actually shine the leather on these shoes with shoe polish. I know when I owned a pair of black leather Blazers, I would definitely shine them up.

NIKE PG2 x Playstation  (Year Released: 2018)

This shoe probably has the most detailing work of all of the Playstation shoes. From the paint speckled midsoles, to the colored eyelets to match the button colors on the controller, and finally the LED-lit PG x PS logos on the tongue, this shoe is tough!

These shoes released through the Nike SNKRS app and you had to submit to the randomized raffle. I tried for it and unfortunately, I did not win. If you want a pair, prepare to pay a pretty penny for them.