Watch Erva Carter & her friends occupy the galaxy in the music video for “Night n’ Day.”

It’s officially the one month mark until Erva Carter’s long-awaited ‘Transformer’ EP lands. To her credit, the Houston-to-Cali songbird has tried to make the wait a little less bearable by gradually teasing shots on her Instagram. To say nothing of her logging a nice feature alongside Jax Yohana on the latter’s “Curious” single.

After Day & A Dream got the greenlight to premiere Carter’s J8mos-produced “Night n’ Day” single back in February, the disco-soul record finally has a set of visuals to match.

In the clip, Director Miriam Heads depicts Erva as an otherworldly being, her body adorned in glitter and golden dots. Carter’s companions, both male and female, rock either glitter, face paint, black body suits, or some combination of the three. And while there’s no “dancing on the moon,” Heads projects Erva’s lovely visage into outer space, her golden crown sparkling amongst the stars in the galaxy. It appears The Milky Way ain’t got nothing on The Alien Girl.

Watch Erva Carter’s “Night n’ Day” music video for yourself up top. The singer’s ‘Transformer’ EP is set to release next month, on July 11th.