Do you want to represent for your country by being a walking flag post? Say no more, fam.

This is D3 The Concrete, bringing you fashion from the street.

I am so excited to show you this piece, because one of the things that I really like in streetwear fashion is the “World Flags” trend on clothes.

Now, global juggernaut, Nike, seems to be throwing their hat in the race by producing the above sneaker, the Nike Air Zoom Spiridon, set to release with a Air Max 90 and Air Max Plus on June 14th.

With an iridescent “swoosh” and other detailing, it is a sneaker that is sure to turn heads, if you wear it with the right thing.


Speaking of “wear it with the right thing”, I want to share with you 4 pieces that I will empower you to wear with these shoes, whenever they decide to drop.

Piece #1: Cap from Urban Outfitters

If you only decided to have the shoes and this cap to coordinate and tie your “outfit” together, then it would be cool, as long as your shirt and pants were not busy as well. Unfortunately, it may no longer be available at Urban Outfitters, but you may be able to find it here.

Piece #2: Supreme Flag Hoodie

This piece was one of the immediately sold-out pieces from the 2012 F/W season. It is something that can definitely stand on its own, with a pair of cool black jeans. Grailed is the place where you will want to grab this hoodie now, as it is long gone from all other retailers online.

Piece #3: 10 Deep Flag Shirt

This shirt is fire. If you are serious about representing world-wide cultures, then look no further. I want to say that I googled “10 Deep World Flag shirt” and this popped up.

Piece #4: Steezy World Cup Shorts

I only have one thing to say about these shorts: wear these as often as you can because they are cool! Unfortunately, you will not be able to purchase these as they are currently sold out on Amazon (whomp whomp!).