Local Houston brand premieres clothing based around yacht-setting, with music from the underground.

This is D3 The Concrete, bringing you fashion from the street.

It’s been a long time / I shouldn’t have left you / without a dope piece to read through! LOL!

It always does my heart good to see brands that are from my city on the rise and Set Sail Apparel is one of the few brands that fits the description.

On June 9th, 2018, they are debut their latest collection, entitled “Yacht Racing Club”. At first appearances, it look like an homage to brands like Nautica & Polo Ralph Lauren; however, I must say that Set Sail Apparel does its best to bring the original to the forefront.

Where those other sailing lifestyle brands lack (hip-hop culture acknowledgement), Set Sail Apparel makes it a point to not disappoint. I do plan on being in the spot tomorrow. Below, you can find the information of when and where the collection will debut, so no excuses!

ARKA Art Center
5:00pm – 9:00pm