DJ Green Villain’s latest Soundcloud mix, “The Groove Tape, Vol. 3,” brings the funk back to the forefront.

The best DJs bring a little more good out of music that’s already known to be great. They know their music history and they know how to move a crowd.

Terry Bembry parlayed his love of music into something more. What started with his “89 Miles” concept and event last year, lead to Bembry teaching himself to DJ. It’s far from an easy skill to pick up, but Bembry’s appreciation for music helped him adapt quickly. Now known as DJ Green Villain, Bembry has been featured as a part of HustleGrade’s “#SubmissionSundays” series, held gigs at KroBar Houston, and is currently the official DJ for emcee P-Dub and singer Damaria.

DJ Green Villain has also built a following by posting thematic mixes on his Soundcloud account. His “Long Live Cash Money” mix, for example, is still getting plenty of rotation. But last week, DJ Green Villain shared “The Groove Tape, Vol. 3,” the latest in his current series of “groovy” mixes that dip into sounds of the ’70s. With summer settling in and cookout weather settling in, “The Groove Tape, Vol. 3” would be perfectly cookout worthy if only it were longer. Any BBQ that only lasts 20 minutes, ain’t a real BBQ at all.

That said, DJ Green Villain makes all twenty-and-a-half minutes of “The Groove Tape, Vol. 3” worth it. He employs the most seamless of transitions to blend familiar tracks with lesser-known gems. The Parliament Funkadelic on the mix’s cover art makes an appearance, as do Zapp & Roger (“More Bounce to the Ounce”), Earth, Wind, and Fire (“Let’s Groove”), Cameo, and more.

It’s a funktastic mix that really reminds listeners of the emphasis on musicality as much as vocals in Black Music of the ’60s and ’70s, fittingly shared during Black Music Month. Don’t be surprised if an afro puff or bell-bottoms magically appear on your person by the time the mix ends.

Take a listen to DJ Green Villain’s “The Groove Tape, Vol. 3” mix for yourself down below.