Jay-Von brings listeners back to Boost Mobile’s hip-hop heyday on “Where You At?” featuring Relli and Noah Nova.

Millennials can remember a time when Boost Mobile was embraced by the urban community. In the early ’00s, as Sprint and Cingular ran the cellular market, Boost Mobile was emerging as a cheaper option that hip-hop embraced. In fact, Kanye West ended up doing a hilarious promotion bit for Boost Mobile, named after the brand’s “Where You At” tagline that featured The Game and Ludacris. West would eventually make it into its own song, entitled “Whole City Behind Us.”

That Boost Mobile “theme” of sorts is the latest instrumental that Jay-Von tackles on his current #FreestyleFriday run. But where the original had all of its artists boasting that they had the “whole city behind them,” Vonzilla flips that by saying he and his collaborators have Mo. City behind them.

Under the watchful gaze of DJ MoSama, producers George Young and Relli recreate the guitar and drums-heavy instrumental for Jay-Von to do work. But while most of Jay-Von’s previous freestyles just had the Picture My Vision emcee dropping bars, “Where You At? (Mo City Behind Us)” almost feels like its own original song, complete with a hook and all. The track features Noah Nova and Relli provides a verse in addition to his boardwork, too.

Vonzilla kicks things off, likening himself to a Beatle, referencing Splashtown (“where you need a life jacket”), and even layering clever church-related references in his opening verse. He then passes the baton to Noah Nova, whose opening line alone – “I’ll give it to you if you ever need a reminder” – sets the stage for his aggressive verse, which he closes by telling listeners, “Even when I’m not here, you know where to find me.” That leaves Relli to close the song out strong, and that’s exactly what he does. Relli’s verse is as much an exercise in technique as it is in the rhymes, stacking bars on top of bars and cautioning listeners that they “better watch where you moving, before you lose it!

Listen to Jay-Von’s “Where You At? (Mo City Behind Us)” freestyle, featuring Relli and Noah Nova, for yourself down below.