Preach Coltrain’s raw & vulnerable “Resurrection Love” single gets an equally raw & vulnerable music video to match.

Back in April, on Easter Sunday, Preach Coltrain shared “Resurrection Love.” Jesus was the reason for the moment, but because God is love, the Houston rapper dropped a song that deep-dived into matters of the heart. Over a scaled-back instrumental from WOLFE de MÇHLS and supported with ad-libs and soulful vocals from WOLFE and Jonquel Holiday, the self-anointed “GodKing Preach” honestly examined a relationship from a man’s perspective. Despite the rough patches, Preach insists that they power through it as a couple because the love is worth fighting for.

Now, Preach Coltrain has given the single an official set of visuals to match. Though neither Jonquel nor MÇHLS physically appear in the video, their presence is felt throughout.

KENDR.CK (the artist formerly known as “Ozieren”) is behind the lens for “Resurrection Love’s” video. The photographer-filmographer likes to emphasize the “Negro Y Blanco” dynamic in some of his works, and he applies that approach with this music video, too. He sets up Preach and a gorgeous Black woman in literal contrast: Coltrain is clothed in white before a Black background; while the woman stands out, completely naked and her body glistening, before a white background. The NSFW visuals are as gorgeous as they are on the nose in showing the two as opposites, yet equally vulnerable.

Watch Preach Coltrain’s “Resurrection Love” music video, with additional vocals from Jonquel and WOLFE de MÇHLS, up top. The single can be purchased off iTunes now.