Noah Nova offers fans a glimpse into his mind on “August 13th Freestyle.”

Noah Nova has always been about progression. The Mo. City emcee raps like a man who’s often counted out, but who has too many people counting on him to risk  failing. Whether it was on “Get Right” two years ago or on “P&Q’s” a few months back, Nova won’t stop going. He can’t afford to.

This rapper has kept his Soundcloud jumping the past few months, with both new material (“The EXit”) and freestyles over records by SZA and NxWorries. It’s all intended to build up to a new project Noah has on the way soon.

Even though it’s still the summer, Noah Nova is already focused on his born month of August. Indeed, his latest drop, “August 13th Freestyle,” is named for his birthday.

The three-minute freestyle bears a throwback instrumental from Jahlil Beats and offers listeners a glimpse into Noah Nova’s thought process and his hunger to be better despite it all. “Man, I carry so much sh*t on my back, it gets heavy,” Nova candidly raps. “Thought about suicide, but my pride, would never let me.” And though his ego kicks in at times (“Pardon my arrogance, but I’m better than a lot of these n*ggas!“), Noah ain’t ashamed to call out to God for real reassurance. Sometimes it’s not about stunting or showing off. Sometimes, it’s just about being able to do your own thing and still say you made it.

Take a listen to Noah Nova’s “August 13th Freestyle” for yourself down below.