My’Key Iso calls upon the spirit of Luther Vandross to win back his lover on a new single, “Memories of We.”

It’s often said that tragedy brings out the best art. “Memories of We,” the latest single from Houston artist My’Key Iso, may be proof of that. Debuted by way of a new music video, Iso said he was motivated to create the song after the Rockets lost Game 7 of Western Conference Finals to the Warriors.

“Danny Watts and I decided to shoot some clips for IG to promote the song,” Iso pointed out, “but we unexpectedly ended up making a music video.”

Heartbreak may have inspired “Memories of We” but that’s not what the song is really about. My’Key wanted to communicate the idea that loving someone can be complicated: “Searching the seas for something better only in hindsight to realize the one next to you would give you the world… better love.”

The IamNOBODI-produced cut dips into classic soul, sampling Luther Vandross’s timeless “Better Love” before doubling down on the percussion and tossing in chirping synths so My’Key Iso can rap over it. And rap, Iso definitely does.

Next time, we’ll make it different/This time, we’ll make a difference,” the rapper insists, trying to earn his lover back by relying on nostalgia and showing that he’s grown up. Most love-related songs these days are about cutting somebody off or only wanting them sexually. My’Key Iso is more focused on preserving a love worth fighting for. Along the way, he mentions burning a CD of songs for the woman when they first started out dating, and even compares their partnership to Shaq and Kobe in the 2000s. “So much pain and shame we overcame,” Iso reminds his lover, “so much joy and love – let’s start again.”

Danny Watts’ music video for “Memories of We” shows Iso solo, all but a silhouette in dim lighting as his shadow is projected against the wall. He’s a man alone but won’t be for long, dancing along to the Luther sample and shadowboxing with the demons that threaten to take his love away. Perhaps Luther really can save you when nothing else will.

Watch My’Key Iso’s “Memories of We” music video for yourself up top, and the track can be heard for itself down below. ‘Last Name Iso’ is coming sooner than later.