ATX-made singer-songwriter Jackie Venson’s “Don’t Lie to Me” single introduces a unique new voice that can’t be defined by genre.

Quite a few musical gems reside in Austin, Texas. It makes sense, seeing as how Texas’s capital city is home to one of the largest annual music festivals in the country by way of SXSW.

Jackie Venson may be one of the city’s best-kept secrets, though. Actually, this isn’t true: Venson is far from a secret. The singer-songwriter was not only recently recognized as one of “The Early-Bird Tiny Desk Concert Entries We Love” by NPR Music, but she was also immortalized in a Black History Mural painted in predominantly Black East Austin. Since dropping off her ‘Transcends’ EP last year, Venson has plans to take up a residency at New York City’s Rockwood Music Hall. She’s also spent the last few months touring, and with good reason – with guitar in hand and a backing band, Jackie’s vocals can take any given song to another level. Her voice is as bright as her smile, her music as bouncy as the curls that make up her hair.

Take Venson’s “Don’t Lie to Me” single, for example. The track, which Venson released earlier this year, has the self-anointed “pop guitarist” genre-blending by marrying rock and reggae together. Propelled forward by Venson herself on the bass guitar and some background drums, “Don’t Lie to Me” uses an island groove to issue out a demand. “I need you to be careful, I need you to be careful,” Venson pleas to her lover on the record, simply asking for honesty so they can remain intact.

“Don’t Lie to Me’s” music video, premiered by Soulbounce back in April, adds even more personality to the actual record. Director Giovanni Lazarini juxtaposes shots of Venson live in concert, in a Warhol-esque nine way color headshot, and riding a bike down the empty streets of an Austin neighborhood, the city’s skyline sticking out in the background. The best part of the visuals? Seeing Jackie rock out on the guitar as she handles her own solo break. We believe Jackie Venson has next, because her music and style won’t fit into anyone else’s boxes except the ones she builds for herself. And for that reason, Jackie Venson has #ThePulse.

Watch the video for Jackie Venson’s “Don’t Lie to Me” for yourself up top. As a bonus, you can watch the singer’s heartfelt visuals for her “Only Have You” track down below. Both songs can be grabbed on iTunes now. For those in the Houston area, Venson is slated to perform live at this year’s Fourth of July Freedom Over Texas concert.