H-Town emcee Jed The Fameless shares his latest EP, ‘in Case You Forgot.’

“Angels keep on callin’, these devils always lurkin’/ that’s how it feels when muthafuck*rs try to do me dirty…”

When last we heard from Jed The Fameless, the Houston emcee was toting his boombox around the city. But it’s a new month in a new year… and that means new music from Jed, too. On Thursday night, the rapper shared his new EP, ‘in Case You Forgot.’ It’s Jed’s first full-scale release since his ‘Any Day Now’ project from last year.

‘in Case You Forgot’ has Jed collaborating once more with his go-to producers, Mufasa Enzor and UltimateBaseballKid, with additional boardwork from Pajama Sam and Buddy Black (whose snare-heavy turn on “HeavyHanded” is one of the EP’s standout moments). It’s only five tracks deep, but as its title implies, the project is supposed to be a reminder. Just because Jed has been under radar for a second, doesn’t mean he’s not still here.

Indeed, the emcee packs ‘in Case You Forgot’ with some of the most upbeat, if not radio-ready, records in his arsenal. Album intro “Plenty Reasons” is meant to be performed before a crowd, with UBK and Enzor switching up the beat multiple times but Jed’s delivery stays sharp and consistent throughout.

The one-two punch of “Contact” and “Come Correct Remix” suggest that Jed isn’t as “fameless” as he used to be, with the rapper scoffing at anyone who’d take a shot at his spot. On the former, Jed’s slow flow allows him to drop a very catchy hook and plenty of potent quotables, like “On a mission for bad b*tches with good intentions” and “I’d rather watch y’all fall off – go head, keep trippin’!” And the latter could set off any given function in the H, for sure. No Jed project is truly complete without a reminder of where he’s from, and bonus track “Dirty” has the stamp of Houston on it from instrumental to execution.

Thirteen minutes may not seem like much, but that’s all the time Jed The Fameless needs to remind fans and new listeners of exactly who he is. Stream his ‘in Case You Forgot’ EP for yourself down below.