On Enfenit II, Houston emcee Enfenit reminds listeners where he’s from and takes aim at the crown.

You’re only as good as you believe you are. And Enfenit believes he’s the best you haven’t heard yet.

Day & A Dream’s founding editor, Brandon Caldwell, said when describing Enfenit two months ago that “nobody will want your career more than you do, especially when it comes to music.” The Houston-hailing rapper won’t stop until he’s carved himself a place in the city’s bubbling rap scene – and nowhere is that more apparent than on his latest EP, ‘Enfenit II.’ The EP was premiered by The Word is Bond and serves as a sequel to Enfenit’s self-titled project from last year.

‘Enfenit II’ is measured in its execution and potent in its storytelling. The rapper’s repetition of “It’s a journey” on the EP’s intro cut “Journey” isn’t just part of the hook – it’s foreshadowing of what’s in store for listeners over the next ten tracks. To Enfenit’s credit, he has a legend in his corner over the course of the entire project: he collaborated with Tow Down to ensure the sound of ‘Enfenit II’ was on point.

Lead single “Fell Back” was a nice way of showing Enfenit’s radio potential, but it’s far from ‘Enfenit II’s’ only keeper. Before listeners even get to “Fell Back,” the catchy, snare-driven “Off Topic” will make their bodies rock and heads nod in knowing. On “Write Her,” a honest reflection of his interactions with a woman who doesn’t reciprocate his energy, Enfenit raps, “Yeah, I’m from the H/ so you know I gotta take things slow,” and that, too, is more than just a catchy line. The emcee’s hometown influence sticks out the most on the records where the beat is slowed-down, like “In Motion” and, most obviously, “Swang” with its screw homage. “F*ck a lane,” Enfenit raps on the latter, because he refuses to be branded a one-trick pony.

Before you can love me, I gotta get mine/ Gotta get mine, gotta get mine.”

“See It,” meanwhile, provides a fresh take on PartyNextDoor’s “Come And See Me,” with the emcee soberly admitting that even relationship has to take a backseat until he gets where he’s trying to be. And the strings-driven outro cut “No Open Frames” – which marries Enfenit’s wary rhymes with a constantly evolving soundscape of an instrumental and a brief dip into a soul sample – is a more than fitting close.

For someone whose name is a play on time being everlasting, Enfenit seems aware and paranoid even, that he has only so much time to fulfill his mission. But whether it’s saying he’s “out here for crowns” or staking his claim for the title on “Belts,” Enfenit never lets it be understood that he’s working towards one thing only – due recognition. He knows he’s earned it.

Enfenit’s ‘Enfenit II’ EP is out now on Soundcloud and you can listen to it in full below.