Reece Mills

Singer/songwriter Reece Mills is back with his sultry record, So Excited, a passionate track displaying a different side of the rising artist and leaving his emotions spread out bare. His first release since his 2017 track Winning, Mills is fearless on So Excited; unshamed to open himself on the beat and express his raw emotion in a way only the finest R&B singers can.

A former actor, Reece Mills began his journey as a child extra in the 1994 Spike Lee film Crooklyn. He went on to work alongside the Olsen Twins, Kristie Alley and Steve Guttenberg in It Takes Two. His grandmother introduced him to soul and R&B music at an early age; giving way to a passion for singing that would hold on to him forever. 

A sensual record depicting Reece Mills in a new light, So Excited blends seamlessly into this new era of Rhytmn and Blues; providing a platform for new voices to be heard and fresh array of millennial singers just waiting for their chance to seize the day.