The Chi meets The Mo as Jay-Von resurrects Crucial Conflict’s “Hay” for his latest Friday Freestyle.

If you ever spent time in a high-school band at a predominantly Black high school in Texas or Atlanta, you know a little something about “Hay.” Though Crucial Conflict’s breakout single first made waves back in 1996, it’s still memorable for its content and its throwback soul beat. High school bands loved to tuck “Hay” into their arsenals during the 4th quarter of football games, when they battled with the rival band; or mid-game to get the crowd and the team’s energy up.

“Hay” is also the next classic record to get Jay-Von’s Freestyle Friday treatment. With DJ MoSama keeping watch as always, Vonzilla recruits his usual suspects George Young and Relli to bring the Wildstyle-produced beat back to life. While all of Von’s freestyles up to now have emphasized his flow and delivery, his “Hay Freestyle” seems more tailored around technique. Von speeds up his flow to near double-time, half-attempting to mimic the Chicago group’s flow while also showing how versatile his own is. “Sometimes I wonder, when I’m a-lone on the beat, anybody wanna step to me?” Von contemplates, before breaking down how it’s an unfair fight for any other emcee.

The wordplay is on point (he hilariously plots on swiping a food stamp card for himself), but Von closes out things with another talking outro. Fellow Mo. City natives – especially those of Fort Bend’s own Thurgood Marshall High School – might especially appreciate the end.

You can hear Jay-Von’s “HAY Freestyle” for yourself down below.