Bigg Fatts sets the bar high in the inaugural Summer League Champs Podcast Freestyle.

“You gotta take a couple L’s, you know that’s short for ‘lessons’…”

Podcasting has become a trend in the last few years, a far cry from its early origins when it was just a way for folks to speak their minds and hopefully gain an audience. Now it seems like there’s a new podcast up every week, so it’s a matter of wading through many to find the quality few. Houston has a number of solid podcasts based out of the city, including Jack Freeman’s “Jack Of All Trades,” the “What They Talkin’ Bout” podcast with Hot Peez and Donnie Houston, and the “Too Be Told Podcast” with Elliot Guidry and Coreigh Terry, to name a few.

Count The Summer League Champs amongst those H-Town must-listens, as well. The podcast group has grown fast in a year’s time, providing unfiltered commentary on issues political, pop culture, and music, too. In an effort to expand their brand even more, though, The Summer League Champs has added an artist spotlight to their episodes. Think Sway in The Morning’s “5 Fingers of Death Freestyle,” with a Houston twist.

Earlier this month, The Summer League Champs chose Bigg Fatts, the conscious-but-ratchet commander of The Kitchen Staff himself, to kick off their Summer League Champs Freestyle Series. As Fatts has a concert coming on the last Friday of May, it was a can’t-pass opportunity for both the rapper and the podcasters to promo themselves.

Fans familiar with Fatts already know the Houston rapper is one hell of a spitter. But Fatts takes himself to another level on the freestyle, reviving his bluesy “Free Game” flow to go to work on an original beat from PUGTunes. Over a span of four minutes, Fatts raps candidly about his humble beginnings and his current success (“Talk a walk in my shoes if you don’t think I’m amazing!“), about old friends turned foes and new glory. In the process, he puts his wordplay on full display, whether it’s name-dropping books of the Bible or rhyming “Copernicus” with “tourniquet” without missing a step. Fatts is a tough act to follow. But I’m sure the Summer League Champs have even more talent on deck to come.

Watch the first installment of the Summer League Champs Freestyle Series, featuring Bigg Fatts, for yourself up top. The Summer League Champs drop new episodes of their podcast every Thursday, and you can subscribe to them on iTunes here.