Sam Lao’s “Catch You” video is the Mother’s Day surprise that no one saw coming.

“We’ve been working on a project for several months now. It’s not done yet, but it’s finally in a place that we’re ready to share.”

That’s the tagline behind “Catch You,” the latest collaboration between Dallas artist Sam Lao and her husband, director Jeremy Biggers. The single was officially premiered on Mother’s Day, by way of a new music video.

It turns out the “project” in question isn’t just music, however. Biggers begins “Catch You’s” visuals with close-up shots of Lao’s gorgeous face and her diamond jewelry as she sings. However, the camera gradually pans out and reveals a very pregnant Sam. It’s an extremely creative way to break the news that their family has a new addition on the way.

“There’s not a moment that goes by,” Sam croons on the track, “where I don’t wish for you.” That lyric could apply as much to the bundle of joy in her belly, as much as it does to the love of her life. Short and sweet, “Catch You” functions almost solely on the thudding keys of a piano and Sam’s voice finding a home along the beat. But the most beautiful part of “Catch You’s” visuals may be towards the very end, when Biggers steps out from his usual place behind the lens and joins his wife in a loving embrace.

You can watch the video for Sam Lao’s “Catch You” up top. While Baby Biggers is Sam’s foremost priority, she did take to Twitter following a recent concert performance to break even more news.