In his latest music video, My’Key Iso shifts focus and puts his energy towards his “Blessings.”

It’s easy to let the trappings and the problems of the world get to you. From bills to bad moods, life can definitely get overwhelming. The smartest amongst us, however, will put their energy towards the good instead of the bad. Back in December, as one year was coming to a close and another was just about to begin, My’Key Iso’s “Blessings” single reminded listeners about how the right mindset can change your whole perspective.

On Friday, My’Key Iso gave the Nate Coop-produced cut an official set of visuals. The video for “Blessings” starts out bleak, with Iso posted up in a bar doing shots as he looks over his bills, but the energy soon shifts and so does My’Key’s mood. Director Drake Studios brings to life Iso’s lyric that “through the rain and storm, I know the sun gon’ shine” by showing the Houston rapper transition from moments alone to being surrounded by friends. (In one very nice twist, that “sun gon’ shine” lyric coincides with a shot of My’Key sitting on a truck with the sun shining out in the background).

In the end, Iso ends up at a kickback, and the guests include some Houston guy named LeeLonn who took a “Fall” last year. But there is a lesson amidst these visuals. You can’t stop things from happening, but when you remember to smile, keep the Creator in mind, and surround yourself with good people, you’ll never stop counting your blessings.

Watch the video for My’Key Iso’s “Blessings” up top. The rapper’s upcoming ‘Last Name Iso’ LP is slated to release in mid-July, but the “Blessings” single can be grabbed now off iTunes.