Nike’s Best Running Shoe (IMHO) Is Coming Back… Maybe.

This is D3 The Concrete, bringing you fashion from the street.

You would think, judging from this ridiculous picture of me above, that my favorite Nike running shoe is the “dad-core/normcore” Nike Air Monarch (by the way, you do know that the Air Monarch is their best selling shoe , right?) .

It’s not. My favorite Nike running shoe is this:

What? Is this a shoe that you have yet to hear of, see on a website, or (gasp) worn?

You know what? It probably is, but that’s OK. Allow me to introduce to you my favorite Nike runner EVER: the Air Skylon II.


I came upon this shoe, looking through the ENDLESS sneaker pages on Tumblr. I want to say that the picture that I first saw was the one above.

The colors, the silhouette, everything about this shoe was simply glorious!

Fast forward a few years and, just before I lost all hope about this shoe ever being released again, I saw this:

A collaboration of NIKE with FEAR OF GOD? I starting thinking to myself, “I thought that Jerry and the Fear Of God brand were Vans for life?”. Glad to know that I was wrong.

Then, there was silence. After time passed, I saw ANOTHER photo online:

I was, for lack of a better word, FLABBERGASTED! Not only is Fear of God doing a collaboration with Nike, BUT it is going to be three different colorways!

Finally, the coup de grâce was a post made by Sean Wotherspoon, owner of Round Two and sneaker connoisseur, which showed this:

I am DEAD y’all! I need this shoe and YOU DO, TOO!

When I get more information, I will let you know about it ASAP!