On ‘PERIOD,’ Quality Control rap duo the City Girls aim to make Trina and Missy Elliott proud.

Quality Control Music is having a strong 2018, and the year’s not even halfway over. The Atlanta-based label has experienced success with the Migos’ ‘CULTURE II’ and with Cardi B’s solid major label debut, ‘Invasion of Privacy.’

City Girls, a rap duo of female emcees named J.T. and Yung Miami, were recently brought onto the QC Music brand, and they’re who the label has next up to bat. And on Friday, City Girls announced themselves to the world with their latest album, ‘PERIOD.’ While some may already be aware of City Girls by way of their viral videos on YouTube (the Trina-assisted “Run Them Bands Up,” for example), ‘PERIOD’ may firmly put the duo on the public eye.

Over the course of sixteen tracks, the Miami-raised pair offer up the sort of aggressive, raw, and in their own words, “savage” raps that would make Trina, Missy Elliott, Jacki-O, and Diamond from Crime Mob to name a few of their foremothers, proud. The beats, which come from the likes of Zoe Beats, Bigg D, Castro, Quay Global, and more, are catchy, thumping, and all but built for the summer into fall. The City Girls dare the competition to come at them (“I’ll Take Your Man”), treat men like THEIR sex objects for once (“Millionaire Dick”), and pledge allegiance to the money and the grind only (“Rap Sh*t”). The City Girls come with a price – “I ain’t f*ckin’ for free,” the emcees insist on album standout “F*ck On You” – not because they’re for sale, but because they know what they’re worth if nobody else does.

It’s not just about shutting up women who feel like J.T. and Yung Miami are going after their men, though. On the contrary, J.T. and Yung Miami build up their sisters too. Anthems in the making like “How to Pimp a N*gga” and “Not Your Main” are crash courses in telling other women how to take advantage and switch things up. Some may be used to hearing men talk this way about women. It’s bold and refreshing, even, to hear the tables turned. And unapologetic as they may be towards men, they still have needs that need to be satisfied. The two-hit combo of “Movie” (which bears the LP’s only features in Ball Greezy and Movie Nikki) and “F*ck On You” are proof of that.

On album closer “Clear The Air,” the City Girls promise that they’re “gonna snap all year.” Their debut project is a helluva way to start. Take a listen to City Girls’ ‘PERIOD’ LP for yourself down below, and grab it now off iTunes.