There’s nothing sweet about Jay-Von’s latest freestyle over The Wu-Tang Clan’s “Ice Cream” record.

With another week, comes another entrant into Jay-Von’s Friday Freestyle series. The Mo. City rapper has been on a strong East Coast tip thus far, having dropped bars over a Bad Boy Records Remix, a Busta Rhymes record, and an MC Shan throwback over the last few weeks.

Jay-Von’s “Ice Cream Freestyle” finding inspiration in New York once more – Staten Island, to be exact. It’s a Raekwon classic and Wu-Tang Clan 101 record from 1995’s ‘Only Built 4 Cuban Linx’ that is Vonzilla’s latest target. With DJ MoSama overseeing things, frequent collaborator Relli and George Young work together on the boards to bring The RZA’s boom-bap beat back to life.

But there’s something much more serious about Jay-Von’s take on “Ice Cream.” His token laugh is nowhere to be found, nor is his cocky talking outro. Something has frustrated him and it shows in his bars. Is it that the up-and-comers lack respect for their O.G.’s and those who paved the way? “Young n*ggas must’ve forgot – homie, I’m Big Homie!” he barks. Or it’s that the body count when it comes to people of color killed by police keeps mounting with no consequences (“White cop kill a Black, he receive a check!“). Actually, it might be all that AND the fact that the least talented and the most mediocre keep getting looks.

He’s annoyed enough that his own wife has to tell him to “be the bigger person.” That means keeping the peace, or at least saving his heat for the booth. But amidst all the biting honesty, it gets most interesting in “Ice Cream’s” final minute, when Von cites his past track record and teases the future. “Let’s talk about how I dropped three tapes back to back,” he raps – a nod to his “F*ck A ___” series – while saying that “he and Sean (are dropping).” Is Picture My Vision up to something this summer? Is ’20/20′ getting a Part 2? Von leaves listeners to question that without giving any further answers.

Take a listen to Jay-Von’s “Ice Cream Freestyle” for yourself down below.