On “BODY…,” Thy-Kingdem provides listeners with a grown folks’ record that’s day party-ready.

“Lights, camera, you can be a star – my movement, baby, got you yellin’ out ‘action!'” 

With summer on its way, everyone is looking for the kind of records that can be played at the day functions and pool parties. Thy-Kingdem may be especially looking forward to what the summer brings because of how much he appreciates the female form. After all, the Braeswood rapper-crooner has shared before that the right woman can be worthy of him immortalizing her in a song.

But “BODY…,” the latest single from Thy-Kingdem’s upcoming ‘Seeing Strait’ album, is a stark contrast from anything the artist has released to date. Where “MUSEum” had Thy-Kingdem going to work on a smooth, guitar-driven slow burner, “BODY” is far more upbeat and groovy. Give some of the credit to producer LTTB, who brings together keys and snares for a catchy island groove. The beat is infectious enough to make listeners dance along without even realizing it’s a mood-setting type of track.

And setting the mood, is exactly what Thy-Kingdem does. DJ Premium J logs in a solid feature on “BODY…,” but the Thy-Kingdem knows exactly what he wants to do with the woman he’s been waiting to get alone all night. His lady doesn’t need Dr. Miami because her figure is perfect. She can wear the hell out of some lace, enough for him to encourage her to light candles and let him unwrap her like it’s Christmas. Thy-Kingdem even lays out the playbook for what will go down once they’re in the bedroom. Before “BODY…” ends, though, Thy-Kingdem gets back to business, with a short rap to remind listeners that ‘Seeing Strait’ is on the way.

Take a listen to Thy-Kingdem’s “BODY…,” featuring Premium J, for yourself down below.