He Got Game is a great film by Brother Spike Lee. Not a good looking shoe though. Here’s why.

This is D3 The Concrete, bringing you fashion from the street.

Now, normally, I do not write about films (though I probably could break down the figurative visual language of most films, with the best of them). This is an exception though.

He Got Game, released 20 years ago (as of a few days ago). It was the story of a father seeking redemption from his son. Jake the father, played by Denzel Washington, is charged with convincing his son, Jesus Shuttlesworth (played by future Hall-Of Famer Ray Allen) to go to “BIG State” and bring his immense basketball talent there.

The problem: Shuttlesworth the Younger despises his father. So, as one could imagine, it is going to take more than a simple, “Hey, son” to get the prodigious teen to do what he needs for him to do… but that is not what we are here to discuss.

We are here to discuss this shoe (pictured below:┬áThe Jordan 13s “He Got Game” colorway.

Let me bring you in close, so that I can tell you a secret: this shoe is ugly.

Many of us, who were not collectors of said shoe, may have first seen them in the following clip from the film:

A very unique shoe, but still an ugly shoe, nonetheless. It looks like the designers over at Jordan Brand build the shoes from leftover animal parts. Don’t believe me?

Reason one: It looks like an elephant’s foot. Exhibit A:

The midsole of the shoe could have been pulled of much better in my opinion. Smooth it out would be the best solution.

Secondly, the upper looks like a well upholstered headboard on a bed:

What were y’all thinking at Jordan Brand? I assume it was on the thought that it was to represent a luxurious leather shoe, but come on. I don’t want to wear a pair of pillows on my feet.

Finally, the “bejeweled” circle on the heel part of the Jordan 13s looks like a sheep’s eye:

Y’all think about it before buying them, but I guarantee that they will sell out on August 25th. The price? $190.