On his newest single, Hot Peez reminds his peers to “Appreciate,” not duplicate.

After providing fans with bounce records for days alongside Donnie Houston last year, Hot Peez is seeking out balance in 2018. The NOLA-to-Houston transplant’s drops thus far have had him preaching on the beat. It’s all building towards something, but until that something arrives, Peez is giving the people the riding records they want along with the inspiration and encouragement they need.

On Monday, Hot Peez kept that same energy on his latest single, “Appreciate.” Those who know Peez may find the song’s title funny, because the rapper tends to use “‘preciate”that word as opposed to “thanks” or “thank you” when responding to praise and compliments. Perhaps it was only right, that he used the phrase for a song.

J-Black handles production on “Appreciate,” sliding in elements of bounce with trunk-rattling snares and switching up the beat in places to keep listeners moving. It’s the kind of instrumental that allows Hot Peez to demonstrate how elastic his flow is, adjusting his rhyme scheme to every change perfectly (in one clever moment, when Peez says “That chopper sound just like a helicopter,” J-Black follows the line by tossing in a quick soundbite of whirring helicopter blades).

“Appreciate” allows Hot Peez to address his copycats (“you can have my old style – that was last year”) as well as the fakes (“rollin’ up the grass, I can see the snakes“). He has stories to tell and lessons to share over the course of the the track’s three-minute length, but one line sticks out more than any other: “focus on your goals and never deviate.” If you do that, Hot Peez suggests you’ll never run out of reasons to be thankful. That’s a Major Key DJ Khaled would be proud of.

Hear Hot Peez’s “Appreciate” single, produced by DJ J-Black, for yourself down below.