Ana Baby

Bronx native and sultry emcee Ana Baby kicks May off with sex appeal from frame to frame with the visual for her remix Party With Ana. The Ana Baby rendition of Cardi B’s hit record Bartier Cardi, Party With Ana displays the East Coast rapper’s unique delivery, killer punchlines, and fun-filled lifestyle.

A veteran on the New York City music scene, Ana Baby’s creative style and flow have led her to perform alongside Lil Durk, Vado, and French Montana. With over 10 million collective views on visuals, numerous nods from celebrities and dynamic rapport amongst the media, Ana’s brand is steadily growing as she releases a continuous stream of content to her fans.

With diamonds, liquor and money dripping from each scene, Ana’s intense sexual demeanor is pushed to the forefront as beautiful, pajama-clad ladies dance throughout the visual. Known for her lavish life in the Big Apple, Party With Ana is a perfect depiction of the female rappers brand and the lane she reigns in.