Who knew that chairs and socks go together so well?

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To catch you up, I have written about MODERNICA a couple of times: here, here, so when they come across my desk, I try to get it up on the site ASAP!

I got an email the other day from my people at MODERNICA and it really my breath away: a promo for a collab with sock brand extraordinaire, STANCE!

If you know anyone who is into socks and they do not have a pair, at least somewhere in the back of their work tools drawer, then they are doing a disservice to themselves!

Imagine what a furniture and sock company collaboration looks like and I can almost guarantee that it does not look like this:

The interesting move that the companies made, to sweeten the deal, is that you cannot get the socks (pictured below), without FIRST buying the chair!

Needless to say, you have to be a REAL FAN of the brand to make this purchase.

The collaboration is surprisingly still available; however, so get your Stance x Modernica fix now.

For more information about this collaboration, go to this link.