DJ Elevated brings newly revived brand back from the Motherland like it never left.

This is D3 The Concrete, bringing you fashion from the street.

Kazembe Gray (aka DJ Elevated) has been a staple in the music scene here in Houston’s Third Ward for a hot minute.

However, his creative expression is not limited to just spinning records.

DJ Elevated is the co-founder of a clothing brand called Brand Elevated.

Complete with African infused fabrics and imported directly from his home away from home, Ghana (in West African), Brand Elevated will be the move in summertime Houston.

I am so glad Kazembe decided to bring it back, but part of me feels like it never left!

The exciting thing about today is YOU can go to the pop-up shop on today at Edubalicious Treats.

I definitely plan on being at the pop-up because its always cool to support local businesses and, for me, its even cooler when those businesses are Black.

Click the poster below for more information on how to get your own piece of the Brand Elevated… brand.